Welcome Nuage Car Care

About Us

Nuage Car Care Studio is one of the Detailing Service providers for your high supreme cars and bikes. Nuage Car Care provides you high-end detailing and car cleaning service from Professional experts, with unmatched quality, reliability, durability, and attention to detail. We strive harder to bring the best services to form awe-inspiring results for any car owner and enthusiasts to be proud of.

Our Belief is that each and every vehicle needs to be treated with the utmost care, to deliver the finest possible outcome for your vehicle. We at Nuage Car Care Studio, with complete details and a keen eye for perfection, provide outstanding service to bring smiles and happiness to our customers.

Why Nuage Car Care Studio?


Quality is our first priority, we ensure that we provide the best quality service for your car detailing, coating and paint protection. We provide a professional level of services with utmost care and priority


We value you and your most lovable car, we provide customer delight services to bring smiles and happiness in them. We provide the best services, we are so good at what we do, our customers reap the rewards


We are a set of professional expertise teams who are highly experienced in detailing and coating services. Your car will be in safe hands as we deliver high-class services for your cars


In addition to our state of the art cleaning services, we employ a team of specialists to ensure that we consistently meet our customer expectations and provide that extra level of care and reassurance